About Collective Cares Foundation

The Collective Cares Foundation was established in 2017 as an extension of Tebello Motshwane’s lifelong passion of giving back to her community. The Foundation focuses primarily on women and children from disadvantaged communities with a view of building communities which are able to sustain themselves.

The work which the Foundation carries out aims to empower young women specifically through school visits targeted at teaching the youth various topics pertaining to social issues such as peer pressure, AIDS and teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and domestic violence. Also skills based topics such as CV writing, preparing for an interview, etiquette and social media awareness.

Our recurring charity initiatives include the Nelson Mandela Day toiletry bag drive where we focus on collecting sanitary towels and other cosmetics for the youth (irrespective of gender). And our annual Santa Shoebox drive focused on children between the ages of 0-16years where we collect toys and books to gift the children ahead of Christmas. These initiatives have gained exponential momentum and excitement over the years.

Collective Cares Foundation is based on the principle that freedom cannot be achieved unless the women and children have been emancipated from all forms of economic oppression.

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